Madness, Veterans, Homeless, and Institutions of Care for the Mad Warriors – blog by David M. Boje, Ph.D. Sep 5 2015

Madness, Veterans, Homeless, and Institutions of Care for the Mad Warriors

Poverty and madness are necessary to wealth. Why else would almost half the 7.3 billion people on this planet make less than $2 a day?  Poverty is necessary to wealth, but how is madness related?

Being overwhelmed in a fight, the madman gets in touch with animality, like the mythic Wolverine, Hulk, and of course, Thor. Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder, son of Odin and the Elder Earth-Goddess Gaea. Thor, armed with his enchanted hammer (Mjolnir) is arguably the greatest and mightiest mad warrior. Or get the Marvel Titan Hero Series 6 Pack with Armored Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine (Marvel 6 Pack).


Left to Right are Thor-Wolverine-Hulk-Spiderman-Captain America-Iron Man

These are the icons of military warrior, turned to help USA in the sea of madness.

Mad warriors in the USA are understood through the archetypes of Thor-Wolverine-Hulk-Spiderman-Captain America-Iron Man and have become a fractal-narrative.  “Fractal narrative” is defined as “a narrative that finds its best accomplished form in the Web” in hyperlink networks (Duarte, 2014, p. 284; as cited in Boje, 2015: xxvi, emphasis mine).Thor-Wolverine-Hulk-Spiderman-Captain America-Iron Man have entered the hyperlink networks, the film and comic book genres. The berserker warriors of old, the Viking Mad Warriors, the Warriors of Apocalypse Now, and Deer Hunter, from the Vietnam War era.

Definition of Fractal-Narrative: “A fractal narrative has heroes in recurring patterns of adventure with their sidekicks” (Boje, 2015: xxvi).  On their hero’s journey, the find helpers, get defeated, bounce back, bring home that boon to save the day.

Definition of Fractal-Story: On the other hand, “A ‘fractal story’ is defined here as a web of of fluid ‘living story; interrelationships between urban chaos and fractal-cyberorder that is centrifugal, veering away from order toward anarchism, discontinuity and erratic, violent urbanism” Boje, 2015: xxvi).

Definition of Fractal-Antenarrative: The fractal antenarrative is different than these other fractals,. The Fractal-Antenarrative is the before-bets-beneath-between-becoming patterning, what Jeff Noon (1996) the “randomologist” calls the Vurt, sometimes in pattern of ‘downward fractal-spiral’ (XXiX), e.g. the downward fractal-spiral of the eco-system with loss of more and more species, extinct by unintelligent action as John Dewey calls it (Boje, 2015: xxxii).  Thor-Wolverine-Hulk-Spiderman-Captain America-Iron Man are characters in futuristic dystopia of  our own 21st century. 

The solicitude of prisons, police, shelters, missions, and so on, await the Mad Warriors, returning from war, into peacetime. The authenticity of Being-Mad-Warrior has no place in civilized USA.

to be continued after lunch