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This Blog is for Veterans and homeless. We work with storytelling to get at the antenarratives. Antenarrative is not anti-narrative. Antenarrative is defined as ‘the fragmented, non-linear, incoherent, collective, unplotted, and pre-narrative speculation, a bet, a proper narrative can be constituted’ (Boje, 2001: 1).

The homeless and veterans storytelling is constituted by antenarratives: fragmented lives, non-linear tales, incoherent accounts, collective ways of telling, unplotted futures, lots of pre-narratives, and a good deal of speculative bets on the future. — David Boje, Ph.D. Vietnam Veteran and play director of veterans theater

Veterans and Theater (http://veteranstheater.com ) is the first program of Antenarrative Foundation. This is education and outreach by the veterans and/or homeless to the community, using theater skits to showcase the ‘Living Story Web’ of veterans and/or homeless own lived experience here and now, in relation to ‘Dominant Narratives’ (& counternarratives) that stereotype or stigmatize them, along with the ‘Antenarrative processes’ that connect them.

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